Here's a selection of our animated videos dating back to the olden days - made in collaboration with some of our favourite animators.  

Hi by Psapp.  

Stop frame madness. A studio comes alive and does a load of weird stuff. Lots of resistors, an average horse drawing and some choreographed lightbulbs. Was a lot of work. Made by Trunk. The first single from “The Only Thing I Ever Wanted”.

Tricycle by Psapp.

A socially inept and delusional mouse yearns for friends. Heavy use of plasticine. The second single from “The Only Thing I Ever Wanted”.

Monster Song by Psapp.

Hand drawn video for this song about paranoia. Features fish washing machine, dancing teeth and blood. From “The Camel’s Back”.


I Want That by Psapp.

A mission for instant gratification threatens to destroy a cosy night at the local boozer. Also features blood. But fun puppet blood that is actually wool. From “The Camel’s Back”.

About Fun by Psapp

Our first vid. Cats, keyboards and other recurring Psapp themes make their first excursion into animation. Lots of cat noises. From “Tiger, My Friend"

Wet Salt by Psapp

Confused paper structure gets lost in Lithuania. From “What Makes Us Glow"